Join Talonbooks, Duplex and Dr. De Rien for the launch of Donato Mancini’s new book, Same Diff. At this event, Donato will read Same Diff in its entirety. There will ample seating, with chairs, couches and lofts, stairs. The performance will take approximately 1 hour.

Doors at 8:00.
Performance will start promptly at 9:00.

Jaleh Mansoor has said about Same Diff: “Mancini re/sets [mostly found] language into orbit, mobilizing it in a way that captures back, gleans, and telegraphs the moving urgency and searching reach of longing that was once the particular capacity of lyric poetry. This improbable feat is done deftly, stepping lightly and swiftly over a contemporary linguistc landscape of rubble, in which the sign is all but evacuated of meaning. Mancini’s constellation of language feels almost like a kind of improbable but healing reversal in the order of words and things, a way to tear meaning back from the maws of the desert-market of banality.”

Tyrone Williams has said: “Same Diff is an experiment in deictic modalities that remind us of the binaries underpinning digital computation and overseeing political, cultural, and social hierarchies. Culled from textual and social sources, this conceptual collage of colloquialisms and prepositions, Kafkaesque narratives and broadside lyrics-qua-titles, stands English and French, the languages of colonialism and imperialism, on their heads. Mancini’s poetic feet do all the talking, sidestepping one-size-fits-all metrics for the sediment of measures called history.”

Read more about Same Diff, or order a copy here:

Books will be available for purchase. Some new print works designed and produced in collaboration with Eli Horn, Stephane Bernard and Malaspina Printmaker’s will also be on exhibit, and available to take home with you.

Following the performance, there will be a party with music, drink, dancing, and all that kind of good party stuff. DJ List of Occurences and DJ Muir will be spinning. Arrive early, leave late. Say hello, say goodbye. Even if you can’t make the reading feel welcome to attend the party later on. Note that this might be Donato’s last ever book launch in Vancouver.

Enter Duplex by the *rear* of the building, from the lane.

Note that Duplex is not wheelchair accessible. We sincerely apologise for this.

*** Thanks to Donato for the inclusion! Un grow merci, Donato, pour la mention. ***