Print Ready VIII: Stockholm to Vancouver is a two-day event featuring artworks, publications and artist’s talks.

Dynamo Arts Association, Suite 103 – 30 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
Saturday, September 24 and Sunday, September 25, 2016
Day 1: Opening Reception, 7pm
Day 2: Viewing, 12–7pm | Artist’s Talks, 7–9pm

This edition of Print Ready was co-presented by the Vancouver Art Book Fair and co-curated by Nathan Jones and Tracy Stefanucci

*** A limited number of publications provided by the artists will be available for sale***


Print Ready VIII: Stockholm to Vancouver works to further contextualize the Print Ready VII: Stockholm Edition exhibition that took place this past May in Stockholm, Sweden.

In addition to publications from over 40 artists that were included in the Stockholm iteration, this exhibition includes prints, drawings and paintings by Stephane Bernard, Alina Senchenko, leannej, Sylvie Ringer and Jeff Lee that further contextualize their featured publications.

Zine Club is also presenting an installation featuring works by Larissa Montiero, Sylvana d’Angelo and Tracy Stefanucci.

This two-part exhibition features a large selection of artists’ publications that span a wide variety of formats (including books, zines, newspapers and audio cassettes) and mediums (such as drawing, graphic design, collage, text-based works, audio sampling and photography). Many of these publications have been published as part of collaborative efforts with collectives and publishers, including Brick Press, Moniker Press, Kiosk, DDOOGG and Perro Verlag.

Publications curated within this exhibition include those by:

Aaron Read
Ainsley Willow
Alexa Solveig Mardon
Alina Senchenko
Andrea Lukic & Mitch Charron
Brick Press (Anette Avalon)
Callie Hitchcock
Chris Bose and David McIntosh
Courtney Garvin
Courtney Presber
Cristian Hernandez
DDOOGG (Juli Majer, Cristian Hernandez, Tylor MacMillan)
Erica Wilk
Gabi Dao
Graham Landin
Jaik Puppyteeth
Jaz Halloran
Jeffry Lee
Julia Dahee Hong
Juli Majer
Justin Gradin
Katayoon Yousefbigloo
Ketty Zhang
Kirsten Hatfield
Kurtis Wilson
Late Cuts
Linton Murphy
Logan Sturrock
Lyndl Hall
Mel Paget
Melanie Coles
Melanie Thibodeau
Mike Lachman
Moniker Press
Nadya Santoso
New Documents (Ken Kagami, David Horvitz)
Nick Howe
Olivia Meek
Phaedra Harder & Stephanie McDonnell
Pizza Punks (Cole Pauls)
Project Space Press
Rob Ondzik
Roshanak Amini
Sangito Bigalow
Sara Wylie
Sarah Lowenbot
Shallom Johnson
Sharona Franklin
Stephane Bernard
Sylvana d’Angelo
Sylvie Ringer
Thalia Stopa and Linny Malin
Tracy Stefanucci
Will Anderson
William Dereume
Zine Club
…& more

* Late Cuts includes Contributions from Olivia Meek, Rob Ondzik, Kurtis Wilson, Courtney Garvin, Logan Sturrock, Ainsley Willow, Sangito Bigalow, Shallom Johnson, Mel Paget, Sara Wylie, Spicy Man, Mike Lachman, Sharona Franklin, Spicy Man’s Homie, Nick Howe, April River, Johnson, Juli Majer, Justin Gradin, Melanie Coles, Jaik Puppyteeth, and Eight Oaks.


The following artist talks will be held Sunday from 7pm to 9pm:

1. Sylvie Ringer:
Hamburg-based artist Sylvie Ringer shares selected facts and anecdotes from recent research, including: witches and hedges, why paradise needs borders, the Lebensreform (“life reform”) movement and Nature Boys, and August Engelhard’s coconut cult and 1898 book “A Carefree Future.”

2. Stephane Bernard:
Hospital Landscape combines elements of drawing with a spoken word presentation of sampled texts by the likes of Borges, Joyce, Keats, Thoreau, Updike and Wilde, with instrumentals by Bowie. The cut-up narrative is an examination of hope when faced with the possibility of physical annihilation.

3. Sylvana d’Angelo:
Moveable Type/Mobile Zine Media theorist Marshall McLuhan believed that moveable type accelerated and enabled culture by exerting a gravitational effect on cognition, changing perceptual habits, which in turn affects social interactions. McLuhan’s insight was that a medium affects society not by the content delivered over the medium, but by the characteristics of the medium itself. The 21st century is smartphone-driven. It is a hand-held computer reality where a vast array of information is available instantly. What is the exchange when choosing print over digital? Sylvana d’Angelo discusses media theory and zine culture, both print and web based.

Print Ready VII: Stockholm to Vancouver is co-curated by Tracy Stefanucci (Director, Vancouver Art Book Fair) and Nathan Jones (Director, Print Ready).

Nathan Jones – Project Director
Vinny Gib – Secretary and Records
Adrienne LaBelle – Community Engagement
Tracy Stefanucci – Co-Curator, Print Ready VI: Stockholm Edition