Parking Spot Projects | DARK SIDE: Eclipse Afterparty | AUG 21

To celebrate the passing of the eclipse, a new public presentation of ‘The Johnny
Tomorrow Chronicles’ will be presented by Michael Unger as part of the opening
events of August. 21st.

The performance will take place promptly at 8pm, and visitors are invited to bring a
lawn chair to the corner of Carrall St. in front of 8 East Cordova.

The performance will accompany new publications being launched by: Ben Duncan,
Lee McKay, Nathan Jones and TSOTSC.

Ben Duncans work is an attempt to convey with earnestness and compassion the
trials and tribulations of the common creature. His aim is to construct a visual
universe as vast and dynamic as the intangible, imagined counterpart from which
each idea is plucked. Disturbing incidents of real-world violence, intentional and
otherwise, are filtered through a fruit salad lens in order to bring forth uplifting and
lighthearted narratives of triumph and disaster.

Lee McKay was born in Saskatoon and graduated from printmaking at the Alberta
College of Art and Design in 1996. He is the cofounder of Burnt Toast Print
Collective (2001) along with four other ACAD graduates and his work has been
shown in Canada, Japan, Spain, Portugal & the Czech Republic. He works primarily
in relief and etching.

Nathan Jones is an artist, curator, and founding member of Print Ready, an ongoing
Vancouver-based zine and art book exhibition series. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts
from Emily Carr University. Jones art practice has its foundation in drawing and
painting and he has worked in a wide breadth of media including independent and
commercial film, musical performance, sculpture, illustration and design for print. His
work has been exhibited in Vancouver, Montreal, and Tokyo. Currently he is one of
the principal coordinators for Dynamo Arts Association.

The Secret Order of Space, Time & Circumstance concerns itself with all matters
within the fabric of space-time. Each matter they consider circumstance, and each
circumstance is as important as any other: everything and nothingness are one in
the same, which can be very disconcerting. Their work is focused on negotiating and
understanding this paradoxical world we cannot help but to exist within.

Michael John Unger is 1/3rd of the sketch comedy troupe “The Skinny”. Their show “Adventures in X-Ray Theatre” debuted at the 2008 Victoria Fringe Festival, and sold out their 5 star (Edmonton Journal) run at the 2009 Edmonton Fringe Festival. ‘Johnny Tomorrow and the Way of the Planetarium’ premiered at the 2010 Fringe Festival as his first solo show.

Hours of operation: August 17-25 from 12-5pm + opening on Aug. 21 @ 5-9pm
For more information, please contact: owenwandering@gmail.com