During a three-day filmmaking workshop hosted by both The Cinematheque (Vancouver) and The Polygon Gallery (North Van), participants were asked to conceive of, shoot, and edit a 3 minute (or longer) video, inspired by the exhibition Third Realm, which was shown in The Polygon Gallery spaces from September 4 to December 8, 2020. My piece drew on the political aspects of the show, and the different uses of media both traditional and contemporary, to put together a work examining the U.S. presidential election, but from a Canadian perspective.

Other participating artists include: Jeremiah Reyes, Cong Ding, Fran Piddlesden, Chelsea Birks, Esteban Perez, Natalie Murao, Emma Pollard, Ximena Velazquez, Shaun Inouye, Vanessa Noueider, and Yan Liang.

The results of the workshop were then exhibited by The Cinematheque, in the Seaspan Pavillion space of The Polygon Gallery on Saturday December 13, 2020. All the results can be viewed by clicking on the various image and text links found here.

Many thanks to the instructors of the workshop for their invaluable assistance: Chelsea Birks, Natalie Murao, Thea Loo, Justin Ramsey and Helga Pakasaar.