Stéphane Bernard

  • Friday October 19 to Sunday October 21
  • Library, 1st Floor, Main entrance

The VABF Library & Archive has been a recurring hub at the VABF, giving publishers who can’t attend the opportunity to donate two copies of any book for display. This year, local artists have been invited to donate copies of their publications in order to increase the presence of the Vancouver scene within the collection and original art works will be exhibited alongside these new additions.

Invited artists include: Tim Barnard, Marc Bell, Cathy Busby, Ben Duncan, Hiller Goodspeed, Phaedra Harder & Stephanie McDonell, Nathan Jones, Garry Neill Kennedy, Donato Mancini, Hei Lam Ng, Cole Pauls, Sylvie Ringer, and Dan Starling.

Stéphane Bernard is a painter and educator who is currently exploring the archival process as an artistic medium. This practice takes the form of bookworks, critical writing, print-based projects, performance and curation. He recently finished a Post Baccalaureate Diploma at SFU in 2015 after graduating with a BFA from Laval University (2012), in Quebec City.

Image Credit: Dan Starling, ‘On the Production of Concrete Poetry Whist Typesetting (after Heinrich von Kleist)’, 2018, letterpress prints